Summer Camps

Look Mom   …   I’m a Robotics Engineer!

Engineering, Robotics & Math in Fremont

  • Grades 6 & Up, depending on students maturity,
  • June 16th – 30th,
  • 9am – 6pm,

Only 1 Session – Seats are limited

The two week summer coves the 32 hours of classes from the after school levels I and II, plus 48 hours of robotic construction and experimentation where the students get to put what they have learned into practice and let their imagination run wild.

Example mechanisms that students will be provided to get there construction started include;

  • Gearing systems
  • Swinging and reciprocating mechanisms
  • Cam mechanisms
  • Intermittent motion
  • Belts and chains
  • Wheels and steering
  • Walking mechanisms
  • Moving through vibration

$990/Student    (Early bird Discount: $100 before 4/30) 

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